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Video Call Consultations to Help You Order Handles and Locks Correctly.

Residential door hardware consultations were best done on-site, up until COVID-19 began.

Now days homeowners have become accustomed to doing as much as they can at home while isolating from other people. The not so tech savvy have learned to use web chatting and video calling to safely communicate and to continue doing business.

This is where video call consulting is a convenient alternative to on-site consultations, that include travel time and expenses. Video call from anywhere in Australia.

If you are renovating or just wanting to up-grade your door hardware, then my video call consulting service is just what you need.

If you are building off a plan and only have drawings to go by, then it's best to contact a sales consultant from a hardware supply company.

As long as you have a tape measure and a mobile phone or tablet, you are good to go.

I will guide you through our video conversation on what to measure and take photos of. All the information I ask for will be noted and a reported in an easy to understand document.

The consultation document you receive will be like gold for a hardware supplier.

The biggest problem a hardware sales person has when specifying handles, locks and bolts, is not having all the correct tiny little details of the job.

My consultation with you will save hundreds of dollars, which may be hard to imagine if this is your first time dealing with new door hardware.

Most people have a terrible experience replacing handles and locks because they assume it's an easy swap over and think anyone can do it.

Ok replacing with Bunnings handles can be an easier task but my expertise is upgrading to a more luxurious type of hardware which needs:

1. specialised planning

2. specialised ordering

3. specialised installing

Even high end builders struggle to complete all 3 steps without any problems.

Money spent with my low cost consulting service is money saved, guaranteed!

With a video call hardware consultation, I can help you save money anywhere in Australia.

If you are looking to upgrade your door hardware and don't want to fall into the trap of ordering incorrectly, then fill out the contact form now.

The cost of my 10,000+ hours experience is cheaper than you think.

Find out today!

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