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2 Amazing Questions About Choosing Door Hardware.

1. Why do “proud homeowners” restore their existing doors or install beautiful custom-made joinery doors and then dress them up with low quality handles and locks?

Do you see proud car owners modify and customise their European luxury cars with low quality wheels, body kit etc? It would just look wrong!

It's not just home owners, I see interior designers posting photo's of their beautifully designed rooms on Instagram and they never bothered to upgrade all the door hardware!

2. Why do “proud homeowners” who want beautiful, luxurious, worldly, handles and locks fitted on their expensive doors, assume it is a simple job for a carpenter or locksmith to install?

A proud car owner who trusts a local mechanic to modify and add customised accessories to their European luxury car would be a little too naive!

If you value your home and want other people to notice, give your doors the look and feel they deserve.

Always ensure your luxurious door hardware gets installed by an expert. Someone who can fit non-standard handles and locks correctly, without damaging your doors. It's too common seeing expensive handles and locks that are roughly installed. It's such a shame!

Prestigious door hardware, perfectly installed, will last the life of your beautiful home! It’s one of those small things you get to enjoy every single day. Choose your hardware and installer carefully!

Tony Gouverneur

The Tidy Tradie - Lock carpenter

Sydney's No.1 Hardware Installer


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