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Problems Between Wanting New Door Hardware and Having it Installed.

DIY ordering of door hardware and getting it installed correctly will cost you an expensive lesson or two! Especially if you have a whole house to fit out. Keep reading to find out more.

The DIY person:

1. Can’t speak the hardware language to the supplier.

2. Doesn’t provide enough information to specify hardware correctly.

3. Isn’t aware that hardware can be non-compatible.

4. Has no clear plan & is charged fees to return opened items.

5. Isn't aware that a consultation will save them more time & money.

6. Assumes any trades person can install hardware correctly.

7. Is unaware of the risks due to common installation errors.

8. Assumes a commercial “locksmith” is also a neat “fix out carpenter”.

9. Trusts the builder’s available worker to install 100% correctly.

10. Becomes unhappy when handles & locks don’t work or feel right.

Benefits of a Door Hardware Installation Service.

The Specialist:

1. Goes on-site to take photos and measurements.

2. Provides the best hardware options based on the customers’ needs.

3. Offers a free quote for installation.

4. Ensures clear communication with the customer.

5. Helps to order the hardware correctly the first time.

6. Is highly skilled & experienced with all brands of hardware.

7. Works very neat, tidy & ensures a professional finish.

8. Is highly efficient, reducing delays & extra costs.

9. Eliminates communication & installation errors.

10. Helps control the whole process from start to finish.

11. Guarantees their workmanship.

12. Gives the customer the best buying experience.

Door hardware is called “hard” for a reason. Customer complaints are through the roof!

Statistics show that one of the biggest problems builders have to deal with in their defect liability reports is….. you guessed it, door problems! There is definitely a skill shortage in this area, so be aware!

Ask your hardware supplier to recommend a Specialist Installer!

Tony Gouverneur

The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter

Specialist Door Hardware Installer


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