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It's the same old story everywhere I go.


"I used a builder/carpenter/locksmith who was recommended to me by a friend and he has made a rough job of installing my new doors and handles. Are you able to come and have a look to see if you can fix them"?


Out of interest I always ask if the client had paid their tradesman in full and if so, why aren't they being made to come back and rectify the problems for free??


It's the same old answer every time.


Yes I paid him in full because I didn't want any confrontations. I just don't trust the man to do a good job anymore and I don't believe he could fix what he has done. Can you please help?

Dodgy installation (5) (576x768) Dodgy installation (4) Dodgy installation (597x800) Austyle lever on patched door (600x800)

This is a retro fit gone wrong!


1. Hole cut out is too big.


2. Hole centre is at 70mm, not 60mm.


3. Extra hole on the left side of handle.


4. Cover plate is damaged


5. Both handles were damaged inside.


6. Latch hub was damaged.


This Austyle lever set and Parisi latch had to be replaced, unfortunately at the owners expense.


The best and most expensive solution in this case was to buy a new plain door and add new timber trim to both sides of the door. Then hang the door, fit the latch & handle set, then patch nail holes & apply 3 coats of paint. A mistake worth about $900.00!!!!!!!


Here we went with the second best option of patching the hole in the door, reinstalling the latch & lever set, then applying 3 coats of paint. Even with a very good patch job, it will never look perfect and you will always see the patched area under bright lighting. This type of repair costs around $200.00.

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Locks installed on the wrong door (596x800) Locks installed on the wrong door (2) (596x800)

This is a pair of external double doors that open outwards.


Normally the door which is secured by bolts top and bottom, has the striker plates for the latch and dead bolt.



Normally the door that swings closed into the secured door, has the active handle, latch and deadbolt.


Here you can see that the hardware was put on the wrong doors! This means you have to use the active handle on the secured door to open the free door with dummy handles.


Very strange indead!

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