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Door Handle & Lock Fitting Service

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Attention! Organising door hardware on your own will cost you time and money.


Hardware is called hard for a good reason.


You may end up ordering non compatible items and they may not even work with your doors.


You may end up paying for a tradesmans call out fee, time, then have to return hardware items that you might not get a refund for. 30% restocking fees hurt.


This happens a lot so let me help you!


Contact me via the form on the right and I can put you in-touch with a suitable door hardware supplier who does on-site consultations. Or you could easily book me.


This will save you hundreds of dollars!

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  Here Is How I Can Help YOU.


1.  We can have an on-site consultation together for up to 1 hour.


2.  You'll gain helpful advice from my 25 years experience in this industry.


3.  I measure and take photos of all your doors.


4.  I create a document that's easy for you and your supplier to understand.


5.  Your supplier can then confidently specify all the correct hardware.


6.  You can then pay for the order with confidence, saving time and money!


7. If you book me to install, you'll receive $80.00 back from a consultation.



If you want to save money, fill out the form now.

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