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Each article will hopefully answer the biggest questions in regards to door handles, door locks & architectural door hardware.


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By Tony Gouverneur, Jul 15 2019 01:33AM

Problems Between Wanting Door Hardware & Having it Installed.

The Customer:

1. Doesn’t know the hardware language

2. Isn't aware that a consultation will save them more time & money

3. Doesn’t provide enough information to specify hardware correctly

4. Isn’t aware that hardware can be non compatible

5. Has no clear plan & is charged fees to return opened items

6. Assumes any tradesperson can install hardware correctly

7. Is unaware of the risks due to common installation errors

8. Assumes a commercial “locksmith” is also a neat “fix out carpenter”

9. Trusts the builder’s available worker to install 100% correctly

10. Becomes unhappy when handles & locks don’t work or feel right

Benefits of a Specialist Hardware Installation Service.

The Specialist:

1. Goes on-site to take photos and measurements

2. Provides the best hardware options based on the customers needs

3. Offers a free quote for installation

4. Ensures clear communication with the customer

5. Helps to order the hardware correctly the first time

6. Is highly skilled & experienced with all brands of hardware

7. Works very neat, tidy & ensures a professional finish

8. Makes the job highly efficient, reducing delays & extra costs

9. Eliminates communication & installation errors

10. Helps control of the whole process from start to finish

11. Guarantees their workmanship

12. Gives the customer the best buying experience

Door hardware is called “hard” for a reason. Customer complaints are through the roof!

Statistics show that one of the biggest problems builders have to deal with in their defect liability reports is…….. you guessed it, door problems! There is definitely a skill shortage in this area, so be aware!

Ask your hardware supplier to recommend a Specialist Installer!


Tony Gouverneur

The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter

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By Tony Gouverneur, Jul 6 2019 04:23AM

If you are an expert designer, then you are most likely responsible for choosing the door hardware for your client’s home. It’s the important finishing touch of a door!

The client trusts you to make the right decision for them because they are either too busy or they just don’t know about home decor. They often just want the best of everything and expect you to be in the know of what will suit their amazing house.

Door handles and locks are kinaesthetic items which the client will use every time they’re at home. If the client is extremely happy with them, like the other things you have chosen, they will be pleasantly reminded of you.

You control the selection of door hardware for you client, but how much control do you have over the installation?

Do you always trust your builder to delegate the task of installing door hardware to a competent carpenter? Maybe he has ace construction carpenters, but they are unfamiliar with the up-market brand you have chosen. They could be learning as they go, which won't give you confidence over the outcome.

Too many times, the homeowner is left unsatisfied with the way their doors open and close. They talk about how much money the handles cost them and yet they don’t look or functioning like they should.

Not only that, sometimes the client is afraid to complain to the builder and so they pay for a specialist installer to adjust the locks, handles, bolts etc. These brand-new doors often need patching or replacing, which hurts reputations.

To avoid the risk of having your carefully chosen door hardware roughly installed, seriously consider using a specialist. Tell the builder you would like to use your own installer.

If you don't know a specialist installer, ask the supplier to recommend someone. This is for the client's sake and your own!

This article was written by a very experienced hardware installer in Sydney, to help you make an informed decision.

Tony Gouverneur

The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter



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By Tony Gouverneur, Jan 27 2017 01:05AM

In a professionally designed home where attention to detail is everything, you will notice that even the handles and locks of each door have been carefully selected. The function, the level of security, the style, the feel, the finish, have all been determined by various people to achieve exactly what the homeowners want. They want their doors to look amazing and their handles to be a pleasure to use.

By Tony Gouverneur, May 10 2016 09:21PM

If you are a homeowner, builder, designer or architect and you use my service to fit out the doors on your next project, you will never trust anyone else with your door hardware again.

Some people when searching through trade directories, get put off when they read that someone is a "specialist" in a certain field. They assume that specialists must charge a lot more money for their services, therefore it is safer to go with just the general type of trades person.

When it comes to installing door hardware, the handles and locks that you use everyday, it really does save you money hiring a specialist.

The good news is, when hiring The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter, it can work out the same price or even cheaper to lock up your whole house! Tony is quicker, neater and tidier than anyone else you would find in Sydney. He has 24 years of experience and uses specialist tools to guarantee a perfect finish every time!

The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter.

0414 559 970




By Tony Gouverneur, May 2 2016 09:23PM

When a homeowner decides to spend big money dressing up their doors with designer handles and mortice locks, they are always presented with this one BIG question.

Who do I call to install the door hardware????

A locksmith, Builder, Carpenter or Handyman? This is where things can and do go horribly wrong!

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