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Welcome to my Lock Carpentry blog.


Each article will hopefully answer the biggest questions in regards to door handles, door locks & architectural door hardware.


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By Tony Gouverneur, Sep 19 2017 10:59PM

Chant Hardware offer a great range of VS (vertical slide) flush pull lock sets, suited for sliding doors and windows. Whether you need keyed locks, privacy or non locking, they offer all options in a matching style and finish.

Chant door hardware (made in New Zealand) has become a popular choice by designers and architects who's projects are very large homes in Sydney.

These VS locks are custom made with precision engineering and the installation of them must be very precise. Not a job for a handyman or apprentice, that's for sure!

The only specialist installer of Chant Hardware in Sydney is The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter.

You can choose to trust your builder to install these types of locks without making mistakes but you really should hire The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter. You will be glad you did!

If you want the best in sliding door hardware, order Chant Hardware and get it installed by Tony, The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter.


By Tony Gouverneur, Jul 10 2017 06:59AM

Think of architectural hardware as door jewellery.

You can make each door a stunning feature of your home by dressing it up with high quality, designer handles, locks and accessories. The look and feel of prestige hardware is worth more than every dollar invested........ as long as it has been installed NEATLY & CORRECTLY!

Tidy Lock Carpentry
Tidy Lock Carpentry

There are good installers out there but sadly these tradespeople are few and far between. How can I make such an absurd statement? Because I am fed up with seeing dodgy installation work nearly every week.

Some of my work comes from unhappy home owners who got rid of their builder, carpenter or handyman who first had a go at installing. I normally find that a lock is installed upside down, the doors edges have been split and a big hole has been drilled on the wrong side of the door. Some new doors need replacing!

Another door ruined by a lowly skilled tradesman.
Another door ruined by a lowly skilled tradesman.

Rough and messy lock installation is so common, many years ago I noticed the lack of skill in this area and decided to create my own niche of being a specialist door hardware installer. That is how I eventually came up with the name “The Tidy Tradie - Lock Carpenter”.

Now every time you go to buy top quality door hardware from one of the big supply stores in Sydney, you will be given my details. I will be the one and only installer you need to pay to have everything installed correctly the first time.

My Motto – Done Once, Done Right!

If you need door handles and locks installed, please send an email to tony@tidytradie.com.au and I will reply asap.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Gouverneur


By Tony Gouverneur, Jan 27 2017 01:05AM

In a professionally designed home where attention to detail is everything, you will notice that even the handles and locks of each door have been carefully selected. The function, the level of security, the style, the feel, the finish, have all been determined by various people to achieve exactly what the homeowners want. They want their doors to look amazing and their handles to be a pleasure to use.

By Tony Gouverneur, May 2 2016 09:23PM

When a homeowner decides to spend big money dressing up their doors with designer handles and mortice locks, they are always presented with this one BIG question.

Who do I call to install the door hardware????

A locksmith, Builder, Carpenter or Handyman? This is where things can and do go horribly wrong!

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