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By Tony Gouverneur, Jul 6 2019 04:23AM

If you are an expert designer, then you are most likely responsible for choosing the door hardware for your client’s home. It’s the important finishing touch of a door!

The client trusts you to make the right decision for them because they are either too busy or they just don’t know about home decor. They often just want the best of everything and expect you to be in the know of what will suit their amazing house.

Door handles and locks are kinaesthetic items which the client will use every time they’re at home. If the client is extremely happy with them, like the other things you have chosen, they will be pleasantly reminded of you.

You control the selection of door hardware for you client, but how much control do you have over the installation?

Do you always trust your builder to delegate the task of installing door hardware to a competent carpenter? Maybe he has ace construction carpenters, but they are unfamiliar with the up-market brand you have chosen. They could be learning as they go, which won't give you confidence over the outcome.

Too many times, the homeowner is left unsatisfied with the way their doors open and close. They talk about how much money the handles cost them and yet they don’t look or functioning like they should.

Not only that, sometimes the client is afraid to complain to the builder and so they pay for a specialist installer to adjust the locks, handles, bolts etc. These brand-new doors often need patching or replacing, which hurts reputations.

To avoid the risk of having your carefully chosen door hardware roughly installed, seriously consider using a specialist. Tell the builder you would like to use your own installer.

If you don't know a specialist installer, ask the supplier to recommend someone. This is for the client's sake and your own!

This article was written by a very experienced hardware installer in Sydney, to help you make an informed decision.

Tony Gouverneur

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